Eisenhower Fellows build bridges and tear down the walls that divide us across borders and cultures. We connect and empower leaders of every race, religion, ethnicity and political persuasion in every region of the planet to enhance understanding through direct dialogue and create a world more peaceful, prosperous and just.


Today we find ourselves at the critical intersection of a deadly Covid-19 pandemic, deep political divisions and widespread economic and social disruption, set against the backdrop of a profound national reckoning with issues of racial justice and growing global alarm about climate change.


At this moment of reflection and inflection across the world, our mission has never been more relevant and important.


All gifts to The Fund for Peace. Prosperity. Justice. bolster our annual programming and general operations to ensure Eisenhower Fellowships has the resources to identify, recruit and empower the next generation of global leaders.


Each day, Eisenhower Fellows work on the front lines to drive positive change, engage in meaningful dialogue and serve the underserved. They commit to carrying out a concrete project with a real-world impact and lifelong engagement with the organization to advance our mission and mentor younger leaders behind them.


Help EF break down the barriers that divide us and seize this opportunity to sharpen our focus on the most critical issues facing our world by contributing today.


Your investment in their future will enable us to provide all our Fellows with the premier world-class programs that are the hallmark of EF and deepen their impact on their societies.



Eisenhower Leadership Society - $10,000+ donors

I Like Ike Society - $2,500- $9,999

Champions’ Circle – Up to $2,499




If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the Development Office:

Carla Ricci, Head of Institutional Advancement, cricci@efworld.org or 215-965-1971

Sam Green, Senior Development Officer, sgreen@efworld.org or 215-965-1968