EF Women's Network Conference

A commitment to women’s leadership at Eisenhower Fellowships is a strategic focus of the organization and will be an integral part of our programs and global network activities. This fall, EF will host a Women’s Leadership Conference in London from October 25 – 26, 2018.  Gathering for a half day meeting as part of the conference, our newly formalized Women’s Steering Committee will recommend ways to encourage greater engagement of women in all facets of the work of Eisenhower Fellowships.


Following the meetings on women’s leadership, the European Hub of chapters representing the European Union, Belgium, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the U.K. will host a day-long symposium (Saturday, October 27) focused on immigrants, refugees and their integration throughout Europe. The topic, of ongoing interest to the EF global network has been a point of focus for Fellows in the European region in recent years due to enhanced humanitarian challenges brought on by civil wars, extreme violence, unstable political regimes and government structures, global poverty, climate change and other such difficult factors that may force migration. 


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