Barbra Nyangairi is a human rights activist and mother of a deaf child who co-founded the Deaf Zimbabwe Trust (DZT), dedicated to advancing the rights of deaf people in Zimbabwe. Due to a lack of resources, cultural awareness and societal stigma, deaf people in Zimbabwe struggle to participate fully in the education system, access critical information about healthcare and social services, participate in cultural activities and find meaningful employment. Since 2012, DZT has made significant strides by ensuring educational accommodations for deaf students in school, instituting sign language interpreters on nightly news broadcasts, launching free cervical cancer screenings for deaf women and significantly raising societal awareness of the rights of deaf people and others with disabilities. Nyangairi’s fellowship initiative was to improve the educational outcomes of deaf students in elementary and secondary schools by training and employing deaf and hearing-impaired teachers.


Deaf Zimbabwe Trust


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At-Risk Youth, Child Welfare, Education, Social Services
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