James Wanjohi founded Alpha Strategy Consulting, a boutique advisory house focused on delivering strategic support to governments, private sector and development partners driving innovation, entrepreneurship and small business growth. Wanjohi, a Kenyan citizen currently living and working in South Africa, previously established the Richard Branson School of Entrepreneurship and South African Breweries’ Kickstart program. He is now developing the Africa Centre Building Sustainable Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (ACSEEs), with the aim of training 10,000 entrepreneurs in Africa. While Africa is receiving more foreign direct investment, he believes that the continent’s fast-paced population growth will require homegrown entrepreneurship to create sustainable economic growth. His vision is to promote entrepreneurship and vocational education; train entrepreneurs; and help them access seed capital and the technical capabilities requisite for inclusive entrepreneurial growth. Wanjohi used his fellowship to identify research and implementation partners to support his efforts to catalyze entrepreneurship in sub-Saharan Africa, and find best practices that can be customized to African youth, funders and government policymakers.


Africa Centre Building Sustainable Entrepreneurship Ecosystems



Areas of Interest

Entrepreneurship, Leadership training/development, Venture Capital
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Single Nation/Region Program

Country of Origin

South Africa

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United States