As head of one of the oldest banks in Tanzania, Sabasaba Moshingi plays a key role in the country’s financial inclusion efforts. Under his leadership, the bank has conceived and aggressively pursued a strategy to make banking more accessible and beneficial for thousands of Tanzanians. Moshingi’s results-driven approach has led to the bank’s launch of a loan program for pensioners and plans to target those most neglected by financial institutions, such as informal businesses. During his fellowship, Moshingi explored the ways in which he could develop additional financial instruments to expand banking services to people still deemed too risky for traditional banking mechanisms. He also pursued ways to foster an innovative culture in his company and enhance the company’s corporate social responsibilities activities. Moshingi’s goal is to develop a strategy that will focus on reaching Tanzania’s unbanked to reduce rates of poverty. The project hopes to turn the Tanzania Postal Bank into the country’s leading financial inclusion bank and be at the forefront of improving the economic well-being of every Tanzanian citizen.


Tanzania Postal Bank



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Banking, Community Development, Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR), Microfinance
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Single Nation/Region Program

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United States