Shivon Byamukama provides legal advisory services and implements good corporate governance practices for the Bank of Kigali, the largest bank in the country by total assets. She is dedicated to helping educated and professional women learn how to manage their financial independence, and the success of her informal advising and mentorship of 100 women has attracted the attention of large corporations who want to partner with her. With the insights gained on fellowship, Byamukama will launch her own initiative, LegalBiz, a social enterprise aimed at giving women free, basic legal tools and guidance that they need to start and maintain successful businesses. LegalBiz will also create opportunities for mentorship and collaboration between woman-owned businesses in Rwanda, multiplying each person’s impact. Byamukama’s goal is to help women achieve financial self-sufficiency.


Bank of Kigali


Company Secretary and Head of Corporate Affairs

Areas of Interest

Entrepreneurship, Law, Women's Leadership
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Single Nation/Region Program

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Destination Country

United States