Ahmad Jalal directs Pakistan’s leading social enterprise, which provides strategic grants to improve the quality of life for the 25 million urban and rural residents of Karachi. The Aman Foundation engages in venture philanthropy and trains the next generation of leaders to be active and engaged in society. With a focus on health and education, Jalal and his team of 1,400 employees have supported the creation of lifesaving health initiatives, including the Aman Ambulance Service. Under Jalal’s leadership, the Foundation launched the Aman Institute of Vocational Training, which provides training in 12 trades and has graduated more than 6,700 students with a 74% job placement rate. On fellowship, Jalal will examine models of public-private partnerships in education and healthcare. With these experiences, Jalal hopes to leverage private sector expertise and capital with government facilitation and capacity building to further scale and replicate Aman’s success across Pakistan.


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