Diana Mpyisi has built a media and communications consultancy firm inspired by the need to create content by Rwandans, for Rwandans. Blue Oceans has become a critical presence in Rwanda as its team creates and develops communication and media-based ideas for its public and private sector clients. In 2013, she started Spoken Word Rwanda, an initiative that provides edutainment to youth by poets and artists from Kigali and the wider East African region. While on fellowship, Mpyisi met with media industry giants to understand how they grew sustainable enterprises, as well as filmmakers who are experts in the field of social documentaries to help begin to tell Rwanda’s stories and document the country’s complex history. As a result of lessons learned, Mpyisi will create a space dedicated to the creative arts. This new space will not only strengthen collaboration between members of the arts community, but it will also ensure that future Rwandans have a platform dedicated to nurturing and developing their own creative ideas.


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Art, Cultural Affairs, Communications, Media, Social Entrepreneurship
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