Sammy Samuels is committed to connecting the Jewish people from around the world to Myanmar through tourism, seeking to highlight the heritage and contributions of the Jewish community in Myanmar. Samuels creates travel programs, products and services that include local communities of all religions and ethnicities to improve the lives of those in the remote areas of Myanmar. As leader of the smallest religious minority in the country, estimated at some 20 people, Samuels is dedicated to advancing religious freedom and tolerance. During his fellowship, his objective was to develop best practices that enable social cohesion between local communities in conflict in order to reduce prejudice and violence. Through developing a network of organizations and ethnically diverse community leaders, Samuels’ goal is to provide a program called “Peace through Tourism,” which involves bringing tourists to areas once affected by conflict in order to revitalize the local community while showing visitors a side of Myanmar that is not found in the guidebooks.


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