As leaders who better the world around them, Eisenhower Fellows use the transformative power of their fellowship experience to translate their enhanced personal capabilities into action.  Strengthening the global network and fostering collaboration among our Fellows to achieve sustainable, real-world impact across sectors and national borders is a primary strategic objective of EF.  Our network of global change agents further the mission we have pursued for six decades: to realize Dwight Eisenhower’s vision of a world more peaceful, prosperous and just.  

Examples of Successful Fellow Collaborations

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Fellows from EF 1989 All-Ireland Program built trust, and concretely contributed to the Good Friday Peace Accord as negotiators and implementers. Irish Fellows help maintain stability in North and South to this day.

The Philippines

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Multi-disciplinary, multi-sector Basilan Development Project led by Filipino Fellows help keep the peace and improve lives in concrete ways in Mindanao.

The Basilan Development Program steering committee is composed of Filipino Fellows Ayi Hernandez ’11 (Program Director); Ernie Garilao ’86; Dan Songco ’99; Miguel Dominguez ’10;  Mujiv Hataman ’14;  Omar Ali ’13;  Carlito Galvez ’06

chinese taipei

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Cross-Straits Youth Camp Program run by the EF Chinese Taipei chapter quietly brings 50 youths from Chinese Taipei to Mainland China and 50 promising Chinese university-age youths to Chinese Taipei each summer for three-week immersion exchanges. Over its five years in existence, 500 young people from both sides have had formative experiences interacting with peers across the Straits of Taiwan for the first time. By 2021, their number will be more than 1,000 young leaders.


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Indus Hospital in Pakistan, venture of Fellows Bari Khan (Pakistan '04) and Shahid Mahmud (Pakistan '01) having served more than 600,000 patients for free in a state-of-the-art facility, dramatically improving access to medical care and elevating standards of health in the country.



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Sister Mary Scullion (USA '02) opening the Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs in Philadelphia. An idea she gained while on Fellowship now serves 1,200 children per year, helping them increase their educational and employment opportunities by offering free access to comprehensive technology, literacy instruction and entrepreneurial training.