Anati J. Canca is the founder and managing director of Malangana Innovation Advisory, a professional services consultancy that offers a range of science, and technology-driven professional services for the achievement of socio-economic development in rural and peri-urban areas in the agricultural, manufacturing and energy sectors. Canca has been responsible for commercialization of Agricultural Research Council (ARC) scientific output and for formulating and executing strategies for intellectual property management, knowledge management, and agricultural economic services. Canca has previously served on the South Africa Ministry of Science and Technology; and the National Research Foundation. On her fellowship, she explored opportunities to use agriculture as a tool for economic development, with a particular focus on the theory and practice of technology transfer and the use of agricultural extension programs and offices.


Malangana Innovation Advisory


Founder and Managing Director

Areas of Interest

Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Development, Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR), Social Entrepreneurship
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Program Year



Multi-Nation Program

Country of Origin

South Africa

Destination Country

United States