Anu Passi-Rauste, Senior Learning Designer, training consultant and a leading expert in the field of digital learning. She has been deeply involved in learning and training for several industries since the early phases of Internet and challenged HRD and businesses to adopt innovative approaches to people development and corporate training settings. Passi-Rauste has a strong passion for learning, people development and education, and a solid commitment to it. Currently, she lives in Arlington, Virginia. In 2014 Passi-Rauste had a tremendous opportunity to summarize her learnings and experiences in the Eisenhower Innovation Program. She used this wonderful chance to explore in the US the impact of the new technologies in education and the future learning. After the program Passi-Rauste has focused on a start-up concept in personalized learning with adaptive technologies and further developed her knowledge in data science in learning context. Recently she has worked for several clients in fascinating projects: with HeadAI ltd. to develop teachable software robots (bots) to automate everyday operations; Fun Academy - quality early childhood education program based on Finnish educational expertise and the Fun Learning principles; Cohuent as a lead for learning to create a global community in training for an adventure of a lifetime


Anu Passi Consulting, HeadAI Ltd., Fun Academy, Ltd. Cohuent Ltd.


Senior Learning Designer, HeadAI - Head of business development, Americas

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Digital Media and the Internet, Education, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology/Telecommunications
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