Christina Juhasz serves as Chief Investment Officer for Women’s World Banking (WWB) Asset Management, the investment arm of WWB, dedicated to providing investment capital for WWB network members and other microfinance institutions with a strong focus on women and a commitment to responsible provision of microfinance. WWB is a global network of microfinance institutions committed to ensuring that poor women have access to financial services. Through its network members, WWB reaches about 26 million clients in 27 countries with over US$7 billion in loans and US$3.5 billion in savings products. As Chief Investment Officer, Ms. Juhasz raised over $30 million from institutional and high-net-worth investors to launch the WWB Isis Fund, the first and only women-focused microfinance private equity fund. Prior to her work with WWB, Juhasz spent 12 years working in the financial institutions industry groups of Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank. Having earned her Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Ms. Juhasz also served as a platoon leader in the United States Army. On her fellowship to Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, she sought to better understand the provision and regulation of microfinance in the Middle East and develop long term partnerships to enhance financial inclusion of low-income people, especially women, in the region.


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Chief Investment Officer

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Banking, Development, Economics, Finance, Women's Issues
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