U&I Investment Corporation is one of Vietnam’s leading investment companies, with significant investments in logistics, construction and property development, organic farming, household appliance manufacturing, financial services, retail, hospitality, and media. In addition to his role as Chairman and CEO of the company, Dr. Tin Huu Mai is a non-party Member of the National Assembly and is passionate about ensuring that public policy supports business development. He used his fellowship to explore the American political system. He studied American think tanks – how they are created, sustained, and influential in public policy development, as well as the role of the private sector in formulating public policy. In addition, he looked at aspects of the American agriculture industry that may be transferable to Vietnam to improve the incomes of small farmers.


National Assembly of Vietnam; U&I Investment Corporation


Member; Chairman & CEO

Areas of Interest

Agriculture, Investment Strategies & Institutional Funds, Supply Chain Management
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Program Year



Single Nation/Region Program

Country of Origin


Destination Country

United States