Vlad Mixich is an award-winning health analyst with experience gained while working as a medical doctor and health journalist. In 2014, he was Eisenhower Fellow for Innovation, previously being the recipient of Marshall Memorial Fellowship and Rosalynn Carter Fellowship. He is Senior Editor for HotNews.ro and Editorial Director of Medical Life, the most important medical newspaper in Romania. Mixich is now at the London School of Economics and Political Science, using his sabbatical for the study of health policy and behavioral science. He co-founded MedAlert, a NGO specialised in health care, representing patients’ interests in ethics councils in Romanian hospitals. MedAlert projects include advocacy campaigns for beter access to essential medicines, investigations concerning corruption in the health care system and work related to ageing population, mental health and antimicrobial resistance. MedAlert watchdog role resulted from a unique combination of patients, journalists and medical doctors that unite to drive durable change in the health care system.


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