GOAL: The Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) will promote women in leadership 

roles across all industries and sectors by providing strong networking and professional development opportunities.  WLP participants will make a commitment to mentor and empower women in their countries and regions to advance the next generation of emerging women leaders.  

BACKGROUND: For the second time in its history, EF will hold a Women’s Leadership Program. The WLP will provide prominent women leaders with EF’s unique seven-week fellowship, and welcome them into a global network of more than 2,000 Fellows from 108 countries. 

  • 2014 Women’s Leadership Conference in London
EF hosted the first WLP in 2010. Since then, the Latin American Fellows have established a regional network of outstanding women leaders and groups of Fellows committed to women’s leadership have gathered at several regional conferences.

Most recently, 60 Fellows met in London for the 2014 Women’s Leadership Conference, where they celebrated women’s accomplishments in the EF network, participated in professional development seminars and laid the groundwork for a third Women’s Conference, projected for the fall of 2015.  

Participants in the WLP will receive EF’s coveted fellowship experience: individually tailored programs that will provide them with the opportunity to meet leaders in their fields, attend pertinent conferences, and participate in site visits. Fellows will travel to six to eight cities in the U.S. during their fellowship programs and attend on average 35 to 40 appointments.

“We will count on WLP Fellows to serve as role models, providing support and new opportunities to talented women in their regions.”
- Christine Todd Whitman, former Governor of New Jersey & Chair, EF Executive Committee

SELECTION: EF seeks a rich and diverse mix of applicants who span wide-ranging professional sectors. The primary criteria for participation in the WLP remain EF’s core values of leadership, purpose and accomplishment. Fellows will be selected based on their leadership achievements, potential for future impact and plans for tangible outcomes.  EF has opened the opportunity to all 53 participating countries to submit up to two candidates each. Selection will be finalized by the end of March 2015. 

APPLICATION SUBMISSION: Application submission is closed for the Women's Leadership Program. 

Please contact international@efworld.org with any questions.