As founder of Pakistan's first no-cost hospital, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan's career reflects his love of medicine and his unwavering sense of community. As a student and young doctor, he was recognized for his commitment to social work through his association with the Patient's Welfare Association (PWA). Khan established the PWA's blood bank, which continues to be one of the best in the country. This commitment to community did not change when he began working as a cardiac surgeon in 1996. He raised 35 million rupees from community leaders and set up a cardiac surgery unit at Dow Medical College with no government support, offering free-of-cost cardiac surgery to the poor and needy. On his Eisenhower Fellowship, Khan visited hospitals specializing in cardiac and pediatric surgery, as well as evaluated the healthcare system in the United States.


Indus Hospital; Dow University of Health Sciences


Founder & CEO; Full Professor, Cardiac Surgery

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Medicine, Public Health, Psychology, Education, Medicine, Public Health, Psychology
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Single Nation/Region Program

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United States