After her son Mario had his first stroke when just 10 days old, Francesca Fedeli utilized her social media and marketing expertise to found, a nonprofit that advocates for pediatric stroke survivors. has opened up a dialogue about the devastating effects of this traumatic event, using technology and open medicine to educate parents and providers, and advance opportunities for a better future for affected children. Her goal is to expand beyond a consciousness-raising organization to a multi-platform social enterprise, utilizing technologies to support stroke victims in living well and making steps towards recovery. Fedeli focused her fellowship on meeting experts in technology, health, and social enterprise development who worked on projects aimed at lowering the incidence of brain stroke and finding new applications for physical and cognitive rehabilitation. In 2015 Francesca became the first Ashoka Fellow in Italy, while developing the social enterprise of Mirrorable, aiming to solve the motor rehab of young stroke survivors.



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Healthcare, Social Entrepreneurship, Women's Leadership
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