T.A. Wu is director of Spring Pool Glass, a Chinese Taipei recycling company that annually recovers 100,000 tons of waste glass and transforms it into the environmentally green building material it calls “glass stone.” The material is suitable for building walls, art installations, garden trails, swimming pool features and other hardscaping. The reuse of waste glass dramatically reduces the need for silica sand to manufacture new glass, thereby lowering carbon emissions. Recognizing that a significant amount of waste glass come from LCD screens, Wu’s company developed a process to convert the screens into lightweight, highly heat-resistant bricks that have excellent sound insulation properties. His ultimate goal, he says, is to “forge a unique industry for a green, circular economy” by “converting limited resources into sustainable materials that can be continuously recycled.” Wu was awarded the 2018 Taiwan Presidential Innovative Award and has been featured by the Discovery Channel for his innovative invention of green building material. On fellowship he hopes to meet with executives at major U.S. firms to promote the technology pioneered by Spring Pool Glass and explore the possibilities of collaborating with the U.S. companies.


Spring Pool Glass



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Energy, Design
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Chinese Taipei

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United States