Tri Mumpuni (Puni) is an agriculture engineer; she has been campaigning to replace the diesel power generation to renewable energy at the decision maker level, and also promote rural development and community based public transport services. Iskandar pioneers Public Private Partnership Model to build small power plants in which the community share equals the private sector. The income generated from the energy sales goes back to the village for a community development fund. On a national level, Iskandar holds positions advising the office of Energy and Mineral Resources. While on fellowship, Iskandar focused on rural community development and visited community organizations fostering economic self-sufficiency, foundations, and centers for renewable energy and appropriate technologies.


IBEKA; Minister on New and Renewable Energy


Executive Director; Senior Advisor

Areas of Interest

Environment, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Development, Energy
  • Puni Iskandar

Program Year



Multi-Nation Program

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Destination Country

United States