As deputy secretary of Singapore’s Ministry of Education, Wei-Lin Lai oversees education policy and planning from preschool to university. In Singapore, where more than 95 percent of students attend public schools, the curriculum is instrumental in achieving other national priorities: enabling social mobility, and promoting social mixing and integration of children across different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. In Wei-Lin Lai’s previous assignment at the Ministry of Health, her team created a client-data-driven model to identify which patients are most likely to need financial assistance to pay their hospital bills. On fellowship she wants to explore how educational technology, also known as EdTech, including interactive textbooks that provide real-time feedback, virtual reality and other forms of online learning, can help teachers adapt the content and pace of their lessons for the class as a whole, and to deliver customized interventions for individual students, while ensuring social equity outcomes. One of her objectives is to meet senior executives at institutions that have successfully integrated EdTech into their curricula.


Ministry of Education


Deputy Secretary

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Education , Technology, Youth Education & Development
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