Yan Speranza leads the Moises Bertoni Foundation, a nonprofit that specializes in sustainable development and manages the Mbaracayu Natural Forest Reserve, the largest continuous remnant of the Interior Atlantic Forest in Paraguay. The foundation focuses on promoting environmental, social, and economic development, in an effort to overcome the dominant paradigm of conservation as something separate from human activity. During his fellowship, Speranza met with local and regional development agencies, biosphere reserves, national parks, ecotourism companies, and social entrepreneurs in order to discover new models of innovation in the area of sustainable development.


Fundacion Moises Bertoni


Executive Director

Areas of Interest

Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Development, Community Development, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Non-Profit Governance, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development, Tourism
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Program Year



Multi-Nation Program

Country of Origin


Destination Country

United States