As an occupational psychologist working with the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Yvonne Cooke has dedicated much of her career to reform. Most notably, she has supported programs focused on organizational and societal change in a post-conflict context, and she has led cross-cutting programs to reduce offending and vulnerability in community settings. While on fellowship she met local, state and federal law enforcement officials to explore ways to achieve sustainable peace, while also investigating factors contributing to societal breakdown, extremism and radicalization. These learnings will inform development of a model that will underpin the current Northern Ireland Reducing Offending in Partnership Strategy/Framework. Cooke also explored other areas of professional interest, including advancing the role of women in society and work, and building agile and sustainable organizations.


Police Service of Northern Ireland


Head of Human Resources

Areas of Interest

Business, Conflict Resolution, Corporate Culture
  • Yvonne Cooke

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Global Program

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Northern Ireland

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United States