Jorge Riopedre serves as the President and CEO of Casa de Salud, a regional clinic for the uninsured, especially immigrants, serving a 34-county area in the greater metropolitan area of St. Louis. Casa de Salud offers holistic care, including primary and behavioral healthcare, home visits, case management, and a wide range of patient advocacy services. The organization collaborates with more than one hundred local and regional partners to create healthcare access for marginalized populations. In 2018, Casa opened a new building which houses a seven agency collaboration to provide therapy for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and trauma. On his fellowship to Germany and Mexico, Riopedre examined how each country grapples with the challenges of providing quality healthcare with finite resources, particularly for its immigrant and refugee communities. He met with dozens of government officials, healthcare workers, and policy makers in both countries to study the methods being used to increase access to care while controlling costs. Riopedre's experience led directly to the idea of using collaborative space to maximize the ability of disparate agencies to combine resources to better provide care for marginalized populations. He has also leveraged the relationships he built during his fellowship to improve efforts to increase the accountability, accessibility, and efficacy of the healthcare system in the St. Louis region, including the launch of a service referral network (The New American Alliance) and the creation of a web-based immigrant service eco-system map in partnership with the Clark-Fox Foundation.


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