Stacey Chang is a strategic advisor to entities trying to change the global healthcare ecosystem. He works with corporations, new start-ups, academic medical institutions, and foundations to rethink how healthcare is delivered. Until 2014, Chang served as the Managing Director of the Healthcare practice for IDEO, the design and innovation firm. In that role, he led efforts in both established and emerging markets on new healthcare strategies, therapies, services and products using a unique approach known as design thinking (also called human-centered design). Through that work, Chang discovered that effective solutions to universal healthcare issues often emerged from outside the traditional high-cost commercial efforts that are typical of some developed economies. Those solutions addressed issues common in all societies - healthcare access, affordability, compliance, literacy, and stigma, among others. Stacey transitioned from IDEO in order to pursue a focus on global health and founded the Design Institute for Health at the University of Texas at Austin, where he now serves as Executive Director. On his fellowship to Kenya and Sweden, he identified effective solutions that have been developed in specific locales with unique circumstances and explored the universal applicability of these solutions.


University of Texas - Austin, Dell Medical School


Executive Director

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Healthcare, Entrepreneurship
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