Aaron Niederhelman is on a mission to elevate well-sourced food to primary human and planetary healthcare. The objective of OneHealth Agriculture (Ag) is to modernize meat supply by meshing the interests of farmers producing better proteins with buyers managing reputational risk tied to their sourcing claims. OneHealthAg provides the system architecture and expertise needed to connect high integrity producers with buyers seeking better meat. Leveraging diverse experiences in worlds of venture capital, food system reform, regenerative agriculture and data science - it's Niederhelman's perspective that the only way to rectify the lasting implications of modern plagues looming over the heads of our children is through empowering consumers to make better choices in the food they eat. Focused on promoting the values of nutrient dense, clean foods through the modern lens of greater transparency afforded by the information-age to evolve consumer sentiment, Niederhelman argues that it’s the compounding effects of these current choices that’ll set stage for broader circular economies which in effect determine the well-being of ourselves, or kids and communities, and stability of our shared planet. Niederhelman is also principal & co-founder of the EAF Agrarian Fund, a real-asset investment fund designing profitable farming-enterprises to meet the growing market demand for better quality food with regional provenance. Niederhelman is an Eisenhower Fellow, a premier global network of leaders from all sectors working to better the world, from which his research into nutrient security, food-system reform and water access throughout Europe & the Middle-East has been instrumental in promotion of food for its human and planetary OneHealth. As a renowned speaker, podcast host, writer, and co-founder of think tank INNOVATE Boston - in his work and interests - which includes participation on numerous nonprofit boards ranging from food security, climate change & social responsibility - Niederhelman has a knack to translate complex subjects to broader audiences.


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