As business director of the Washington University School of Medicine in Missouri, Andwele Jolly oversees the $30 million operating budget for the divisions of Allergy & Immunology, Rheumatology and Hematology. As a physical therapist with experience running physician practices, he is interested in inter-professional and inter-disciplinary models, and efforts to elevate the quality of care for minority and underserved communities. Australia has a reputation for overcoming workforce shortages by making effective use of non-physician providers, such as nurse practitioners and physical therapists. Using Australia and Rwanda as his laboratory, Jolly plans to study how non-physician providers improve health and well-being. He wants to present his findings in Missouri, where healthcare organizations are grappling with workforce shortages in the St. Louis area.


Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis


Business Director

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United States Program

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United States

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Australia; Rwanda