Dr. Brian Englander is Chairman of the Department of Radiology at Pennsylvania Hospital, a private, 496-bed facility in Philadelphia. He specializes in imaging of cancer and diseases of the breast. During the fellowship he plans to travel to Israel, where there is a high prevalence of breast cancer in women from Western backgrounds and ethnic diversity provides opportunities to shape screening approaches, and Mongolia, where there is a low but increasing incidence of breast cancer with a high mortality rate as 90 percent of patients are diagnosed at a late stage. His key objective is to create a nongovernmental organization that can encourage and standardize breast health care, quality, and practices across borders and societies with varying resources. He hopes to learn how to mobilize a community that may, for example, distrust government or fear radiation. “These are questions that may be most obvious in Israel and Mongolia,” he says, “but also apply in the United States”.


University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine


Chairman, Department of Radiology, Pennsylvania Hospital

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Cancer research, Healthcare
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United States Program

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United States

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