Cathryn Cluver is cultivating the next generation of innovative leaders to anticipate challenges to diplomacy and statecraft in the 21st century at the Future of Diplomacy Project, where students are trained by current and former diplomats, journalists and specialists to challenge and improve policy solutions and models of conflict resolution. She has used her expertise in global affairs and communication to enlighten and encourage young women attracted to careers in international affairs at Wellesley College’s Albright Institute and the Women’s Launch Pad at Brown University. On fellowship to Colombia and Singapore, Cluver examined the impact of city networks, particularly how large- and medium-sized cities collaborate to address transnational phenomena like radicalization and climate change, with the intent of designing replicable guidelines for city leaders and governments in the U.S.


Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government (KSG)


Founding Executive Director, Future of Diplomacy Project

Areas of Interest

Politics and Government
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Program Year



United States Program

Country of Origin

United States

Destination Country

Colombia; Singapore