Ms. Melley is currently Executive Director, The Philadelphia Foundation. Responsible for leading the 2nD Century Initiatives and Corporate Partnerships. Through June 2018, Ms. Melley was Vice President, Global Citizenship Initiatives in IBM Communications and Citizenship and led a very diverse portfolio including global leadership responsibility over the IBM Impact Grants program focused on Cloud, Analytics, Social and mobile offerings for not-for-profits, schools and government organizations and awards over 500 grants annually. Ms. Melley also led IBM Citizenships’ global resiliency efforts to strengthen communities’ abilities to anticipate and withstand the short and long-term effects of disruptive or traumatic forces, by building deep capacity to improve and thrive. As head of IBM's Humanitarian Disaster Response efforts worldwide, She led IBM’s humanitarian response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria and the 2017 Mexican earthquakes. This comprehensive program has deployed IBM's cloud, cognitive, blockchain, mobile solutions, management consulting services, and skills-based volunteerism. These efforts are being executed in partnership with key strategic global and national organizations. Ms. Melley created and led IBM Volunteers, IBM's global strategic initiative to support employee and retiree volunteer efforts worldwide. Ms. Melley led the IBM Centennial Celebration of Service when over 300,000 IBMers in 130 countries participated. IBM Volunteers is the largest skills-based and pro bono corporate program. Since its launch, IBMers have contributed more than 20 million hours of service around the world through IBM Volunteers. Over 65 million dollars in Community Grants have been awarded to acknowledge IBMers contributions in communities around the world. Launched this year, Ms. Melley spearheaded IBM’s SkillsBuild campaign. Through this campaign, centered on STEM activities, the goal is to reach 5 million youth over the next 5 years. Ms. Melley drives successful results through collaboration, partnerships and community relationships. She is constantly looking for innovative ways to use technology as an integrated tool to effect change and she strives to help IBM maintain their excellent corporate citizenship status. Ms. Melley is a founding faculty member of the Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility at Johns Hopkins University. She is also an Eisenhower Fellow to the European Union and Ireland and is past chair of the Eisenhower Alumni Regional Fellows Group. She serves on the boards of directors of the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Center for Corporate Citizenship (past chair), the Independent Sector, the Points of Light Institute, and locally, the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Ms. Melley serves on the advisory boards of the DiscoverE Global Marathon (past chair), the Conference Board Contributions Council, Impact 2030, among others. Ms. Melley has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from LaSalle University. She is certified by both IBM and the Project Management Institute as a Project Executive. She lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband and two daughters.


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Executive Director, 2nd Century Initiatives and Corporate Partnerships

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Education, Information Technology/Telecommunications, Philanthropy
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