Andrew Greenblatt has reenergized the Philadelphia Film Society by tripling its membership, doubling its staff and creating a permanent facility to house festivals, events and workshops. As leader of the foremost film organization in the region, Greenblatt aims to transform the city of Philadelphia through the power of stories and film. Greenblatt is also an independent producer, whose production credits include four feature-length documentaries and six narrative features. On fellowship, Greenblatt observed the growth of the Chinese film industry and explored the intersection of production and presentation by Chinese film festivals and film societies in the wake of tremendous societal change. Greenblatt’s long term goal is not only to create a pipeline for the presentation of a greater amount of Chinese-made films in the Philadelphia area, specifically presenting these films in the Philadelphia Film Festival, but also to connect to Chinese-based directors, producers and production companies to lay the groundwork for potential future co-productions.


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