Jack Bienko helps ensure that the U.S. small business community – which represents 50 percent of private¬ sector employment – has the tools to start, grow and sustain diverse enterprises. Among the initiatives he oversees is a network of 11,000 business mentors, the acclaimed SBA Emerging Leaders executive series, an award-winning online learning platform, and public-private partnerships with global brands. In previous roles at SBA, he directed multiple corporate partnerships and provided direct services to disaster victims seeking Federal assistance. Bienko’s fellowship objectives included documenting startup opportunities and challenges in China, highlighting resources that are well‐regarded by Chinese startups, profiling educational tools and analyzing trends that influence urban and rural entrepreneurship. He also stays active as an author, investor, business advisor, and volunteer with multiple community groups.


U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)


Deputy for Entrepreneurship Education

Areas of Interest

Business, Education, Entrepreneurship, FinTech, Investment, Cybersecurity, Lending
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United States Program

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United States

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