After receiving a Purple Heart for his military service in Iraq, Jason Frei now works to uphold ethics and integrity at one of the country’s key defense contractors. Tasked with ensuring the effective deployment of ethics controls and initiatives, Frei is responsible for preserving the reputation and values of a company that has helped write the history of aviation. Beyond Boeing, Frei contributes to veterans’ affairs by supporting veteran employees’ career development and performing community service as for the St. Louis Veterans Task Force. He also helps smooth the transition of disabled veterans into successful civilian careers as a board member of the FOCUS Marine Foundation. While on fellowship to Australia and Israel, Frei investigated different approaches to veteran transition to be applied to both Boeing and the FOCUS Foundation. He also plans to develop specific guidance on best practices for career transition to share with the veterans’ community.


Boeing Company


Director of Ethics & Business Conduct

Areas of Interest

Veteran Support & Transitioning, Workforce Development
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Program Year



United States Program

Country of Origin

United States

Destination Country

Israel ;Australia