Steering the development of Aging and Disability Services at Public Consulting Group, Jill Reynolds remains steadfast in identifying and supporting employment services programs for individuals with disabilities. Having served over 400,000 job seekers and 4,000 school districts, PCG supports public agencies and organizations with the management consulting and technology necessary to better serve populations in need. Reynolds has used her research on executive function and brain science to develop effective programs and trainings that have been since implemented in California and Minnesota, addressing the lack of executive-function–informed methods for human services practitioners. On fellowship to Japan and Peru, Reynolds explored employment for people with disabilities, identifying policies and employer and social entrepreneurship practices with the goal of fundamentally improving employment opportunities and outcomes for people with disabilities in the U.S.


Public Consulting Group, Inc.


Manager, Aging and Disability Services

Areas of Interest

Disability Employment, Workforce Development
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Program Year



United States Program

Country of Origin

United States

Destination Country

Peru; Japan