Kelly Davenport helps educate Philadelphia’s underserved youth through the Freire Charter Schools, which serve over 1,500 students in Pennsylvania and Delaware in grades 5 through 12. Under her leadership, the Pennsylvania Department of Education identified Freire Charter School as one of the top five highest-performing schools in Philadelphia in 2015. Davenport has headed the Freire network for 17 years, and is currently the executive director of the network’s nonprofit organization. On fellowship, Davenport examined how parents, students, and education and government officials understand the concept of educational equity and how reforms at the national and local level have affected access to education for Chinese citizens. She also explored how secondary education ensures students are equipped with skills that are well-matched to current jobs. Informed by her experience in China, Davenport plans to create a proposal for how to restructure the Philadelphia School District so that all students have access to educational excellence.


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