As manager of sustainable business and innovation at Burt’s Bees, a purpose-driven beauty and personal-care business known for its ubiquitous yellow tubes of beeswax lip balm, Matt Kopac leads the integration of social and environmental commitments into the brand’s strategy. His work influences product innovation and operations, as well as multi-stakeholder collaborations that are reshaping the industry. As vice president of the Burt’s Bees Foundation, he has guided two million dollars in giving to promote local sustainable food systems. On fellowship to Brazil and the Netherlands, Kopac will investigate how businesses and governments are collaborating to reshape economic systems to be more circular – designing out waste and emissions while creating jobs and growing the economy. He will apply lessons learned to support Burt’s Bees’ biodiversity strategy, while helping to build a local model of forward-thinking, sustainable economic development that contributes to the broader transformation of our global economy.


Burt's Bees


Sustainable Business & Innovation Manager

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Entrepreneurship, Environment, Sustainable Development
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United States Program

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United States

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