Chris Nowinski, PhD is the co-founder and CEO of the non-profit Concussion Legacy Foundation and a co-founder of the Boston University CTE Program and VA-BU-CLF Brain Bank, where he currently serves as the Outreach, Recruitment, Education, and Public Policy Leader. A former Harvard football player and WWE Superstar, he was forced to retire due to post-concussion syndrome at age 24 and subsequently wrote Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis, which was made into a documentary. His earned a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience from BU School of Medicine in 2017 and is a 2011 Eisenhower Fellow. On his fellowship to Belgium and Germany, he shared his work with leaders in European sports and medicine to expand the network of research, education, and prevention of traumatic brain injuries. Building off what he learned on his Fellowship, Dr. Nowinski recently launched the Concussion Legacy Foundation Global Brain Bank, collaborating with scientists in Australia, Brazil and other countries to study CTE in athletes.


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