Dr. Phuoc Le is dedicated to creating opportunities all over the world for doctors, nurses and healthcare providers to better serve vulnerable populations. He co-founded the HEAL (Health, Equity, Action and Leadership) Initiative, which operates on a Native American reservation and in prisons in the U.S., as well as in some of the poorest villages in Nepal, Haiti, India, Mali, Malawi, Liberia and Mexico. It pairs U.S. and international health professionals who share a passion for health equity and social justice and creates opportunities for them to collaborate on concrete initiatives to improve the overall quality of public health in select global sites. Le also helped develop the Ethics Simulations in Global Health Training (ESIGHT) curriculum at the University of California, San Francisco, which responds to the dearth of ethics training in global health education. To date, the program has trained over 200 students and has been replicated at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. On fellowship to South Africa and Kenya, Le investigated strategies for scale, sustainability and growth that will enable the HEAL Initiative to become a paradigm-changing model for global health education.


HEAL Initiative



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Education, Healthcare
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United States Program

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United States

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Kenya;South Africa