Adetomiwa Owoseni


Adetomiwa Owoseni, 25, a 2018 graduate of Howard University, is enrolled at Harvard Medical School, where he seeks to increase the number of Black doctors in academic medicine, a topic he wrote about in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2020. During his travels as a global health researcher to several African countries, he witnessed how inequities in access to health care led to negative outcomes for patients. These ranged from increased maternal mortality because of the decreased availability of ambulances to the dearth of rural hospitals resulting in more frequent complications from chronic diseases to the scarcity of refrigeration impeding access to life-saving vaccines. The opportunity to study public policy at Oxford, he said, will empower him “to become a leader in the fight for health equity.” As a researcher with the Noncommunicable Diseases and Injuries Poverty Network, he collaborated with health ministries in poor sub-Saharan countries to build sustainable systems for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes mellitus, rheumatic heart disease and sickle-cell anemia. At Oxford he wants to expand on that work and create training videos for a free, online platform to educate clinical providers in the most effective treatments of common chronic diseases.


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