“If we’re going to think about what’s most crucial to creating peace and security, not just in the Middle East but in the world, a part of that is providing access to opportunity.” – Dina Sherif

Dina Sherif (Egypt 2015) is the chief executive officer of Ahead of the Curve, a company working across the Middle East to create inclusive and sustainable economies by providing training and support for socially-responsible entrepreneurs. As a result of her fellowship, Sherif realized that she needed to broaden her approach from simply focusing on entrepreneurs to nurturing an entire ecosystem of entrepreneurship, which means providing training and resources, and connecting with schools and universities to develop entrepreneurship among youth. To realize her goals, Sherif has established programs that have already trained several hundred students and women entrepreneurs, the ultimate aim of a more inclusive society that allows for a dignified life and reduced social alienation.

Video Interview with Dina Sherif

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