For Martin Burt (Paraguay 1994) his work is a team effort with other Eisenhower Fellows. In 1985, he co-founded Fundacion Paraguaya with Guillermo Peroni (Paraguay 1970), to provide entrepreneurial skills to marginalized young people. Today, of eight Paraguayan Eisenhower Fellows, five of them—Burt and Peroni, along with Raul Gauto (Paraguay 1989) , Pascual Rubiani (1999), and Yan Speranza (2014)—work at Fundacion Paraguaya. “Eisenhower Fellowships helped us see beyond our own borders” in an effort to alleviate poverty.

Fundacion Paraguaya is an NGO whose mission is to “develop and implement practical, innovative, and sustainable solutions to eliminate poverty in order to create decent conditions for all families.” Fundacion Paraguaya achieves these goals by promoting four inter-related strategies: (1) a microcredit program, (2) an entrepreneurial and financial education program for youth, (3) financially self-sustainable high schools that train the children of farmers to become rural entrepreneurs, and (4) a separate NGO, TeachAManToFish, that spreads the self-sufficient school model around the world.

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