Catalina Alexandra Mihailide, Romania

Catalina headshotCurrently studying at the University of California, Berkeley, Catalina Alexandra Mihailide is a shadowing intern for the Center for Special Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery, Palo Alto. She is an advocate for endometriosis awareness for women in Romania, starting the Romanian chapter of the World Wide Endometriosis Organization. She plans to enlarge the society to include all of eastern Europe, where this disease is rarely screened for, and to educate and empower affected women.

I believe that a true leader should want to give back to his society, be ready to work and be part of a common goal group, should be able to mobilize and engage the group towards achieving their objective, and should be eager to widen his knowledge horizons. This is also the way I would hope to integrate my project, of raising awareness in my community, within the valuable principles of the Eisenhower network. I would look forward towards working with engaging young leaders and learning from experienced ones, as well as giving back from my experiences and talents, and my work to try and help others.”

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