Sofia Terrile, Argentina

Sofia Terrile is a professor at Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina. Terrile graduated from the same university with a Bachelor’s in Social Communications and Journalism. Terrile hopes to influence future generations of journalists to advocate for real change in Argentina.

“Eliminating trade barriers for computers and electronic devices is also a good measure for democratizing digital education. We should not forget soft skills as well: emotional intelligence is what differentiates us from machines. A good balance between “humanity” and “hard” skills is essential to prevent us from becoming victims of the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

La Nacion

Inspired by the Future of Work conference in Spain, the three Youth Leaders from Argentina (Jose Sanchez Elia, Sofia Terrile, Carolina Zaccato) joined forces to organize a similar conference for 250 high school students in Buenos Aires. The one-day event took place at the Universidad Catolica Argentina. Fellows from Argentina were among the presenters. The project report is a detailed breakdown of the extremely successful event, from the planning to reflections afterwards.

Argentina Project Report


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