Vishnu Reji, India

Vishnu Reji is a rugby leader and sports facilitator at Dream a Dream Foundation, an organization that teaches leadership skills to vulnerable youth. With a diploma in Electronics and Communication from Oxford Polytechnic College in Bangalore, Reji’s goal is to form a conscientious youth brigade focused on protecting India’s natural resources, as well as raising awareness on preservation methods.

 “I love playing rugby and dream of using the game to bring about social change. I would like to use the sport to bring awareness about our surroundings and create a conscious youth brigade who can play a role in protecting the natural wealth given to us. As a part of achieving my dreams I have some ideas and thoughts which I think are unique. I would also like to empower the youth coming from adverse backgrounds with skills that will help them overcome problems in their own community. ”

Check out his website here: streetfootballworld


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