Adil Al-Karim Manji, Pakistan


A high school student with a passion for, Adil Al-Karim Manji co-organized an Olympiad, a platform for students across Pakistan to showcase their scientific and mathematical prowess at the secondary school level. To understand and adapt to the uncertainty of the future of work, Manji believes that introducing carpentry, electrical and other technical skills into curriculum at the high school level will help ensure a better education for children.

“Swift progress in the world of technology, artificial intelligence, automation, digital platforms and other innovations brings the promise of higher efficiency, alongside changing societies, polarization of labor-market opportunities and population migrations, putting the essence of work in a state of flux. I believe it is important to understand and adapt to the uncertainty caused by these trends, particularly in terms of government policy, technology and business: these shifts have positive implications on human livelihood, but may affect the overall socioeconomic stability. One of the more pervasive issues in Pakistan is a low literacy rate.”

Manji is also base commander Buraq Space Camp, which aims to create the next generation of leaders through experiential learning, with cadets learning subjects from rocket design to astrophysics, IT to entrepreneurship, all while simulating what it is like to work effectively in a team, sustaining the pressure of competitive environments. His project has been to promote the camp and work with alumni to connect and encourage projects. His report outlines the aims and objectives of the camp and its future goals.

Report on Buraq Space Camp

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