Natasha Khan, Pakistan

Natasha Khan is currently studying Public Health at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and is resolute in improving mental healthcare and increasing employment opportunities across Pakistan. Khan was a member of Pakistan’s inaugural national women’s basketball team, representing her country during the 2016 South Asian Games. Khan endeavors to create job opportunities for both women and youth by providing training for counseling and other mental health services across the country.

“I  yearn to create and sustain some sense of equality for my people. I believe that there is an incredible amount of potential in my country but most individuals are robbed of their right to achieve before they even come into existence due to the socioeconomic status of their families. I have always known for a fact that the only reason I am blessed with the resources that I have, is because I must use them to serve my people and create better lives for them.”

Natasha Khan’s project was centered on a Syrian refugee settlement in Eastern Lebanon. She was part of a team trying to gain a deeper understanding of life in refugee camps and to find solutions to some of the most prevalent issues. She struggled with the notion that, as only students, her team could find solutions but were without the resources to implement them, and feels that as a Youth Leader she has a responsibility to invoke a sense of urgency in her generation towards finding long-term solutions to current problems.

Natasha Khan Project Report


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