Mihai Toader Pasti, Romania

Mihai Toader-Pasti believes in social change through smart design—incorporating architecture, engineering, sustainability and love to create not just products, but experiences and communities to make people’s lives healthier, happier and more productive.

Over the last 7 years Toader-Pasti has led the Romanian team at the world’s most important international competition for sustainable houses, green architecture and innovative technologies – Solar Decathlon (Versailles 2014, Dubai 2018) winning over 20 national and international awards. The EFdeN house became Romania’s first Research Centre for Comfort Conditions and is one of Europe’s most sustainable houses, being both designed and built by a multi-disciplinary team. Toader-Pasti is also co-founder & strategically responsible for energiaTa, a project which aims to make household renewable energy feasible in Romania. He also worked with Romania’s Green Building Council in co-creating Romania’s Renovation Strategy and is curently involved in other projects related to electric urban mobility and smart cities.

Toader-Pasti is also involved in education, training and supporting students from kindergarden to established professionals.

As co-chair of the first cohort of Eisenhower Fellowships Youth Leaders, he is focused on challenges surrounding the Future of Work. Toader-Pasti is an Aspen Young Leaders fellow and a Global Shaper. He was featured in ‘’Forbes 30 Under 30’’, ‘’100 Peoples and Ideas changing Romania’’ and ‘’100 Faces of Innovation’’.

A few years ago I asked myself what does a good society mean and, while I concluded that health and safety matter greatly, I came to strongly be convinced of how important it is to act in a sustainable way and use regenerative resources wisely. By focusing on environment and education, towards creating a more resourceful future, I realized how important frameworks and consistent progress by small steps are towards a bigger purpose: a life with meaning and happiness for communities as a whole and individuals alike.”

Mihai Toader-Pasti believes in social change through smart design. He is co-founder of EFdeN, one of Romania’s most important NGOs for sustainability, with a mission is to create context for innovation. Toader-Pasti’s project report takes us through the early days of his organization and ends as he writes his final report while competing in a global competition for solar houses.

Mihai Toader-Pasti project report


You can find him on

“The Future of Work for Romanian Youths”
Forbes Magazine, Romania

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