Pablo Gonzalez, Spain

Pablo Gonzalez Ruiz de la Torre attended IE Business School at IE University. He co-founded Trivu (formerly PANGEA), a start-up that seeks to awaken, empower and connect the huge and diverse talent of today’s young generation. Trivu is an unprecedented movement that aims to change the way young people perceive their ability to generate real impact as well as their key role in the challenging transformation of the world.

“Our generation, born within this new environment is provoking incredible and limitless changes that are revolutionizing, among many other things, the way in which we live, consume, learn, interact and even speak. We are individuals whose ideas, attitude and passion have took us to create a unique disruption everywhere in the World thanks to our unlimited mindset. In fact, according to Forbes, our generation has “easier access to more information, people and resources than any prior generation”. We need to make the most out of this and start, together, a global revolution.”

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