Tamara Abusara Darwich, Spain

Tamara Abusara Darwich graduated with honors from IE University and is currently a Junior Brand Manager, Milka, Freia & Marabou in London. Previously, she worked in Mondelez International, working with the Iberian marketing team for the brand Royal. While participating in the IB Diploma Program, Tamara served her community by raising awareness and sufficient funds to help renovate part of a school building in a small village of Petra, Jordan.

“Becoming an Eisenhower Youth Leader is an opportunity to have a positive impact in my surroundings. Very much linked to the topic of the conference, I am personally concerned with the employment situation in Spain, especially for the millennial generation. Through personal post-graduate experience and from listening to my friends both in Spain and Jordan who are finding themselves in my same situation, I know for a fact that action must be taken.”

Tamara Darwich’s project was to create a support group for young women at the start of their careers. ‘The Zillennial Squad’ aims to motivate and empower young women and use the power of mentorship and networks to achieve this. Her final project report takes elements from her thesis and infographics created after interviews she conducted as well as first-hand experiences. Darwich spoke eloquently at EF’s Women’s Leadership conference in London, on a panel on ‘Investing in others: mentoring as a path to individual and collective success.’

Tamara Abusara Darwich Project Report


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