Dyani Rivera, USA

Dyani Rivera graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Behavioral Health from Pennsylvania State University. Volunteering at Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children and Saint Jude Children’s Hospital inspired Rivera to work as both a Physical Therapist Assistant and Anatomy Laboratory Assistant in her last few years of college, and remains committed to improving the quality of life in her Philadelphia community.

“There is a need to have a course, an advisory period, or to have the partnership with organizations to facilitate a course during the school day designed to give every grade the steps of becoming a young professional in the future. This course could include engaging with local career professionals, developing soft job skills, and partnerships with local colleges and universities. Our communities are either not being provided what they ask for or what they need in order to succeed. Having this opportunity to build this and implement these types of actions or policies would build a strong community!”

Dyani Rivera has just completed her Post-Baccalaureate program for medical school. In this project report video, she tells us more about her year post Future of Work conference in Malaga!



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